Business Analytics

The Business Analytics is the art and science of turning the invisible into the visible. It’s about detecting opportunities and threats you hadn’t anticipated, or finding people you didn’t know existed who could be your next customers. It’s about learning what’s really important, rather than what you thought was important.

Achieving that kind of visibility requires a mix of techniques. Some of these are new, while others aren’t. Some are clearly in the realm of data science because they make possible more iterative and precise analysis of large, mixed data sets. Others, like visualization and more contextual search, are as much art as science.

Business analytics can increase insights that enlighten business decisions and can be used to systematize and enhance business processes. Companies that are data-driven treat their data as an asset and leverage it for competitive lead. Successful business analytics depend on data quality – an assessment of the data’s fitness to serve its purpose in any given context, the aspects of which include accuracy, completeness, updated status, relevance, consistency across data sources, reliability, appropriate presentation and accessibility.

Many organizations still struggle to integrate predictive analytics with existing IT Systems to support analysts and data scientists.

Digilant works with organizations to better align the existing IT Systems and provide resources to extract insights which can help the organization achieve end goals .