Big Data

Data is exploding in volume, variety and velocity all around, yet many organizations are struggling to take advantage of it. Data does not have to be too big or too complex to analyze. Big Data is the Biggest game changing opportunity for sales & marketing and many other departments after internet went mainstream almost 20 years ago. Big data helps businesses manage and use information from multiple sources. Many organizations are investing in information assets that require big data and the analytics associated with it to refine information and optimize business activities.

Big data can have significant business value, but using it requires that IT teams work together with business users on the benefits they can achieve.

At the same time, organizations need to ensure they have the competencies to meet big data needs, which include not just the technology for storage and access but also underlying information management issues such as data governance, data integration and data quality, which are still in embryonic form in most organizations.

With the right choice of solutions and teams, it will be possible for an organization to extract golden nuggets of insights that can propel an organization to achieve what was previously unattainable.

Digilant offers solutions and professional services to organization to meet their need for Big Data. With the right solution and the right teams, big data can provide useful insight that can help an organization to achieve what was previously unattainable.