Pigmentation Be Gone

Pigmentation Be Gone

Repair and renew skin pigmentation with our state-of-the-art facial rejuvenation treatments.
Your skin is one in all your most important organs; working as the first line of defence to shield us from the outside world. Pollution, severe weather, dietary imbalances, hormonal changes and age can damage the skin, causing subtle and gradual changes. These modifications can appear immediately and drastically affect the skin; riddling it with acne, pigmentation, blemishes and other undesirable flaws.

Skin care treatment
At Victoria's Cosmedi Spa, our professionals are experts at difficult the effects the outside world has on your skin. With expert care, advice and award-profitable service, we provide a range of advanced treatments with high quality outcomes you possibly can trust.

Probably the most widespread skin situations we see in our observe is pigmentation; a large or small area of darkish marks and blemishes. Although pigmentation poses no health risks or physical discomfort it could cause concern and value victims money and time by way of non permanent cover-ups and make-up. Though more commonly present in ladies, it might definitely happen in men too.

What is pigmentation?
Our skin gets its color or complexion from a pigment called melanin. A higher focus of melanin creates a darker complexion. Uneven concentrations of melanin within the skin cause darker areas and an uneven complexion. This is called pigmentation.

Pigmentation can appear in a number of ways together with birthmarks and freckles current from delivery or can develop over time as a consequence of sun publicity and skin disorders.

At Victoria's Cosmedi Spa we treat completely different types of pigmentation, namely:

Benign pigmented lesions
Age Spots
Senile warts

What is the best treatment for pigmentation?
Our pigmentation treatments are different relying on the type and severity of the pigmentation. Relying in your distinctive considerations, we might formulate a plan utilizing a mixture of treatments to improve your complexion and produce lasting results.

We provide the next treatments to fight pigmentation and different skin issues:

IPL Treatment
Laser Facials
Pico-Firming Medical Facial
Medical-grade skin care
Intense pulsed light (IPL) remedies
IPL is a non-invasive procedure which uses light therapy to target red and brown spots and give the appearance of a more even and brighter skin tone.

Although the treatment just isn't really helpful for these with darker complexions; it's safe when performed by a trained and experienced professional with no lasting side effects. Relying on the severity of your pigmentation, it could take between one and three therapies to gradually clear pigmentation.

Laser Facials
Victoria's Cosmedi Spa affords world-class laser remedies to address undesirable freckles, sunspots and age spots. Using a medical grade laser, which produces a brief (picosecond) pulse of laser light on a targeted area, our trained employees can tone your skin; eliminating complexion irregularities and pigmentation without inflicting hurt or cause for recovery time.

Pico Toning Medical Facial
One part of our medical facials is the Pico Genesis remedy, which is efficient on the face, palms, neck and chest area.

Our advanced Pico-toning medical facial is a 2-in-1-laser procedure to repair pigmentation and restore a more balanced complexion. Pico-firming is also great for removing pigmentation caused by tattoo removal.

Through the use of a combination of precise, efficient wavelength and quick laser pulses, Pico Genesis affords a revolutionary remedy to deliver not only a smoother complexion and a reduction within the look of scars but in addition stimulates the production of collagen contributing to a smoother skin texture.

This therapy may be customised to your particular person requirements and treat different ranges of pigmentation.

Preventative care
While our pigmentation treatments produce safe and efficient results, a targeted at-house skincare regime sets an essential foundation for healthy, lovely skin.

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